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Harness the Power of Your Mind for Health, Beauty and Longevity

Starting Saturday, March 4th


Presented by McKenzie Buzard,
Rapid Transformational Therapist

McKenzie is a trained hypnotherapist, specializing in Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT).  She has been featured in the bestselling book “The Science of Getting Rich for Women” and specializes in helping women transform trauma into empowerment. With an intuitive approach and a deep understanding of the human mind and spirit, McKenzie has a unique ability to help people identify and release false belief systems and tap into their full potential. 

What We Will Cover

Image by Dominique Rivas

Month 1: Breaking Up with Food

Month 2: Creating Healthy Habits

Month 3: Harnessing the Mind For the Body

Month 4 (With VIP): Creating Lasting Beauty

  • Breaking Food Addictions

  • Uncovering Emotional Reasons for Holding Weight

  • Uncovering Reasons for Emotional Eating

  • Linking Pleasure to Eating the  Foods that Support our health and longevity

  • Creating amazing habits around what we eat

  • Increasing the mind body connection

  • Creating lasting habits around exercise

  • Enhancing exercise through visualization

  • Optimizing dopamine production

  • Using our minds to directly affect our bodies through the power of hypnosis

  • Kickstarting the regeneration process

  • Commanding our cells to rejuvenate

  • Creating beliefs that serve our highest level of well being

  • Increasing collagen production

  • Enhancing skin-tone and elasticity

  • Balancing hormones

  • Increasing melanin Production for graying hair

HypnoBioHacking Group Intensive

  • 3 Month Hypnotherapy Intensive

  • 3 Group Hypnotherapy Sessions

  • 3 Hypnotic Recordings

  • Access to Accountability Group

  • Messenger Support

HypnoBioHacking VIP

  • 3 Month Hypnotherapy Intensive

  • Plus + Additional Month Only for VIP

  • 4 Group Hypnotherapy Sessions, Including the Exclusive HypnoBeauty Session

  • 3 Personalized Hypnotic Recordings

  • Access to Accountability Group

  • 1:1 Coaching Call to Discuss Specific Goals

  • Messenger Support for 4 Months

Tropical Fruit Dessert
Women Practicing Yoga
Face Complexion

We Start Saturday, March 4th

I'll See You In The Group! 

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