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Rapid Transformational Therapy

Rapid Transformation Therapy is a type of hypnotherapy created by renowned therapist, Marisa Peer.  Traditional therapy deals with the conscious mind.  RTT deals with the subconscious, which is what controls all of our beliefs, emotions, habits, and desires. RTT deals directly with the subconscious, which works much more rapidly and is much more pointed. 

Rapid Transformational Therapy combines root cause therapy with neural reprogramming. For every belief, emotion, issue, addiction, or habit, there is a root cause or traumatic event in your past, that caused it. Through hypnosis, you can find out what that cause is, and pull it out at the root. Once you have done RTT and dealt with the cause, you can open yourself to healing in that area. The next step is the neural reprogramming, which is creating new beliefs around the root cause by creating new neural pathways in your brain. This allows you to literally choose what you now want to believe and who you now want to be. 

The truth is that we are all running on outdated programming. Our beliefs about the world and about ourselves are fully formed by age 14, and those beliefs are what guide our subconscious mind. If you don't go in to your mind and look at these beliefs, then you will always be making decisions and living based on the beliefs of a child. RTT allows you to upgrade the beliefs that are not serving you and create the new beliefs. 

This therapy is life changing and it is empowering. Your mind rules everything in your life. You have the power to change and control your mind. There is nothing more powerful than that. And it would be my honor to assist you in taking your power back. 

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