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“As a chronic overachiever, I was frustrated by my lack of progress when it came to attracting, generating and retaining prosperity. While it seemed as if I was 'doing all the right things,' I kept encountering block after block. McKenzie was able to lovingly and skillfully help me identify, navigate and clear the interior obstacles that had been preventing me from leveling up. Literally within days of our session, I could feel the change in momentum. She is the real deal. If you're ready to change your life, you must choose to book a session with McKenzie. Today.” 

    - Molly M. Cantrell-Kraig, Internationally Recognized Author, Life Coach and Speaker

A friend recommended that I try RTT therapy and I am so glad I did! I experienced such an amazing shift and transformation that I only wish I had tried this therapy earlier! In just one session I uncovered the root cause of my anxiety that I have been struggling with since a child…and it’s not what I thought it was! McKenzie was gentle and kind and I felt like she was a trusted friend guiding me through my process. As I listened to the 21 day recording I found myself not being triggered by my usual anxiety provoking situations and thoughts. Mostly I experienced an amazing shift from living in a state of fear and anxiety to being able to live from a place of peace and gratitude. A place I’ve always known was within me but haven’t accessed consistently until now ! Thank you McKenzie…you are truly a light!!


    - Jenny H.  

"My experience of working with McKenzie was absolutely transformational. Prior to working with McKenzie I had done so many different mindset and positive focused practices to overcome the belief that I have to work so hard and that I am not enough, but the feelings continued to be overwhelming and exhausting. In working with McKenzie I was really able to dive deep into what was creating those beliefs and feelings and rewire it. After working with her I felt light, more energized, and truly changed. I had my biggest month ever in my business and it all happened with ease and flow. I am so grateful for my work with her. She is so professional, supportive, and her work is transformational. I am truly grateful.”


    - Amanda H.

“Hypnotherapy with McKenzie was everything and more. My session has shifted my mind from not believing my words have value to feeling empowered and poised. Hynotherapy with Mckenzie felt like such a safe warm place for me to do the work in self healing. Hypnosis has allowed me to reach a place of peace and acceptance. Not only was the session incredible and life changing but the continued work from the recording I was given has helped tremendously. Listening to confidence boosting words over and over gives you no choice to eventually believe in them and yourself. Our brains need to be rewired at times and hypnotherapy was just the right tool to do so. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for the life changing experience. I will forever be grateful.”


    - Kelly B.

“ After my first session with McKenzie, I felt relieved and exhausted. I felt lighter and heavier, as though I had fast-forwarded three years of therapy into an hour and half session. I received my affirmations and while I struggled at first I kept the promise to myself, I listened religiously every day, sometimes even twice a day. To my surprise twenty-one day later I received a follow-up email from McKenzie, stating I had hit my twenty-one day mark. I wanted more! I could feel how I had changed, my thoughts were different, I started showing up differently. I feel more confident, apparently I am “glowing” according to those around me, and I can’t help but attribute it to the work I have done with McKenzie, I see it as the catalyst for my dream life. I feel as I am becoming the woman I was designed to be.” 

    - Nicole B.

"McKenzie, thank you so much for everything.  My experience was amazingly beautiful and I am looking forward to continuing with the recording.  I have listened already and it is powerful.  You have a very special gift and it is my hope that more people start to open to alternative therapies to assist in healing.  I hope that once they see the benefit in me, it will spark a path in them! Thank you! Thank you! I know you usually check in after a few weeks but I couldn’t wait and had to tell you!!  I have been loving listening to my track every night and today my vision for what we worked on all came together effortlessly and it’s perfect!!! Thank you for helping me!!"


    - Annie H

"The hypnotherapy work with McKenzie exceeded my expectations.  I was in what I refer to as a "negative feedback loop,"  in other words, I was stuck in repetitive negative thoughts in one particular area of my life.  The journey in the hypnotic state successfully got to the origin of the thoughts and rooted out the issue.  McKenzie's approach was naturally intuitive, calm and reassuring, and very skilled.  I looked forward to listening to the recordings after the session - which solidified the insight and healing.  In fact, I continue to listen to them daily as a part of the healing process.  I strongly recommend McKenzie if you are considering adding hypnotherapy to your healing journey."


    - Lorry B.

"I saw McKenzie for my fear of public speaking - what a life changer! I have had anxiety around public speaking, interviewing, and connecting with others for years, and felt like it's been holding me back professionally and personally. I feel soo grateful for the RTT Session with McKenzie because she was able to pull out, uncover, and help me to understand events from my past that were shaping my reality today and giving me an immense fear around public speaking. She helped me tremendously during the session and also made a personalized recording to help me stay confident and on the right track that I can listen to any time/anywhere. I highly recommend going to see McKenzie for an RTT Session if you are serious about breaking free of old patterns, reshaping your beliefs, making changes, and seeing tremendous results. Thank you sooo much, McKenzie!"


    - Lindsey H. 

"McKenzie's expertise in RTT helped me break through challenges I have struggled with all my life. Our session uncovered a deep fear of being exposed and the limiting beliefs which developed as a result. These limiting beliefs held me back from the abundant life and wealth I deserve. McKenzie helped me clear the limiting beliefs, and now I am ready to be fully seen, rise like the Phoenix, and step confidently into the abundance that is waiting for me and my business. Thank you, McKenzie!"


     - Molly J.

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